Alumni Success Story: Mica Smith, Medical Assistant

Published on January 4, 2013 by arothstein

The quality of any university can be measured by the success of its graduates. Broadview University-Orem is no exception, with graduates landing highly sought-after positions in today’s booming job markets, such as medical assisting, veterinary technology, and massage therapy.

It is Broadview’s “We Care” philosophy that sets it apart from other universities. Staff and faculty of all campuses in the organization take care of their students from orientation to graduation, with plenty of academic advising, financial assistance, and course-specific tutoring along the way. Upon graduation, students are well-equipped with the education they need to succeed in their desired industries while receiving assistance from the career services department in landing the best jobs available.medical assisting program

One of Broadview University-Orem’s most recent success stories is from one of the school’s most dedicated staff members, Mica Smith. Working as an administrative assistant for nearly two years before being promoted as a financial aid administrator, Mica took the time out of her busy schedule as a wife and mother to earn her associate degree in the medical assisting program. She graduated in fall 2011 and was the student speaker at commencement.

In the fall of 2012, Mica and her family moved to Las Vegas to pursue her husband’s law degree at UNLV. Mica was hopeful to find a job in medical assisting, and after several interviews, she got exactly what she had worked so hard for. She currently works at the Orthopaedic Institute of Henderson for Dr. Robert Tait as the only medical assistant with a team of nurses, a physician’s assistant, and a surgical technician.

Mica’s typical workweek consists of two to three days in the clinic seeing patients—sometimes she works all day until eight o’clock in the evenings. The clinic sees a lot of emergency cases and infections. On some days when she’s in surgery, she does a lot of the paperwork and charting. Working quite a bit with the physician’s assistant and surgical technician, Mica has decided that she’d like to be in the operating room someday and is soaking up as much hands-on training as she can.

While not the most popular subject among students in the medical assisting program, the Billing and Coding classes have proven to be extremely useful to Mica, and she applies those concepts at work every day. Those classes provided her with an extremely valuable skill set, despite being some of her least favorite courses.

As the youngest member of the team with the least amount of experience, Mica knows that her education at Broadview allowed her to have a better knowledge of the tools and equipment than other people who have been in the field much longer. She says that without her education from Broadview University, it would have taken at least six months to a year to be able to work autonomously in the clinic; whereas with her education, she was up to speed within a month.

Mica had this to say about her time at Broadview: “Broadview University-Orem has been amazing! I feel like I have received an education that will carry me through an awesome career as a medical assistant. I loved my classes, professors, and peers. Going back to school at Broadview was the smartest thing for me and my family. I am truly thankful for the opportunity, memories, and knowledge I received.”

We are so happy for Mica’s success and are looking forward to many more student success stories to come in the year 2013!


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