How To Care for Guinea Pigs

Published on January 9, 2013 by arothstein

Elita Flores, veterinary technology degree student at Broadview University-Orem, has owned and loved guinea pigs for 11+ years. veterinary technology degreeHer love for the little “piggies” was the inspiration for her service learning project for the Global Citizenship class. She discovered that there was a need in her community for children to be taught how to properly care for guinea pigs and other companion animals.

On a bright December morning she packed up her Texel guinea pig, Aggie, and headed off to Geneva Elementary School in Orem, Utah. Elita taught Mrs. Bergon’s 3rd grade students about nutrition, cage cleaning, exercise, toys, and how to hold and handle guinea pigs. She also taught them how to recognize when a piggy is sick and applied it to their pets at home. At the end of her presentation she discussed the importance of adopting from animal shelters and stressed the importance of proper care for pets.

degree in veterinary technologyEach student received a brochure on guinea pig care and had the opportunity to meet Aggie.

“I wanted to teach others that owning a piggy is a responsibility and learning proper animal care will help them make better choices when taking care of their pets,” Elita said.

She hopes that her presentation will create an awareness that will grow with the children into adulthood, so that they can be responsible parents and teach their own children how to care for their pets.

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