8,000+ Reasons to Check Out More Than Books

Published on January 15, 2013 by arothstein

(MERIDIAN) Everyone wants to save money—it does not matter if you are a well-to-do professional or a starving student. About a year ago, the financial gurus at Broadview University came up with an innovative, creative way to help students in their quest to pinch pennies. It is called the Student Book Exchange and the idea has ended up saving a lot more than pennies. In just six months, the program has won an award and has given people more than 8,000 reasons to check out more than books.

Broadview University

Broadview University’s Student Book Exchange library has reached more than 100 books and covers almost every program the campus offers.

The Boise campus’s director of financial aid came up with the book exchange after seeing student after student paying high prices for books. Cynthianna Hamrick’s goal was to establish a cost-free system for students to exchange books they were no longer using for books they currently needed.

“Books are the biggest variable when trying to estimate the cost of going to school,” Hamrick said. “There are numerous times a student has enough financial aid to cover tuition and lab fees, but would have to either take out an alternative loan or pay out-of-pocket for books. Not all students are capable of doing this.”

The book exchange started in July of last year. Students who participated in the program saved a collective $3,033 in the Early Fall quarter. By the time the Fall quarter arrived, the program saved students $5,312. The savings add up to $8,345.

The Student Book Exchange library has reached more than 100 books and covers almost every program the campus offers. Many of the books are for foundations classes such as math, writing, biology and Global Citizenship. But there are also books for keyboarding, anatomy and physiology, medical assisting, massage, veterinary technology, business, and computers.

“I like the way the program is growing,” Hamrick said. “It’s very rewarding being able to give students options they wouldn’t otherwise have. For some students, it has made the difference between being able to start school or not. So we can see it is definitely making a difference.”

Hamrick’s idea has turned into an award winner. It received a Silver Standard award for Best Practice within the Globe University network of schools. For more information about the Student Book Exchange, contact Cynthianna at chamrick@broadviewuniversity.edu.

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