Top 10 Jobs for Information Technology Graduates!

Published on January 22, 2013 by arothstein

Information TechnologyThere’s never been a better time than now to get an Information Technology degree from Broadview University. Forbes recently released analysis of the top jobs for 2013, in conjunction with research Economic Modeling Systems, Inc. (EMSI). Three of the ten most in-demand professions in the coming year are in the IT field. Analysts are increasingly discovering the true value of a healthy IT department for corporations of nearly any size. Dana Gardner of ZDNet has compared the future of business to “dominance by the most technology capable.” Whether you’re considering a career change or simply curious about the pulse of the industry, the outlook is certainly bright for the top 10 jobs for individuals with an information technology degree.

1. Software and Application Developer
This is the position that has grown the most since the economic recession.  Individuals who can help companies capitalize on the explosion of mobile technology are in high demand. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 30% growth in the profession by 2020.  The BLS also reports developers pull an average salary of slightly more than $90,000 annually.

2. Project Managers
A recent survey of 334 IT executives by Computerworld indicated that 40% of companies plan to hire at least one project manager in 2013, with some companies planning to add as many as 100. As the need for developers grow, the need for qualified and detail-oriented individuals with an information technology degree also increases.

3. Help Desk
As organizations nationwide are increasingly designing and implementing new software and systems, there’s a growing need for entry-level workers who can provide internal and external support. 35% of organizations will be hiring a help desk or technical support employee in the next 12 months.

4. Computer Systems Analysts
EMSI research designated system analysts as the fourth most in-demand position in the US.  The field having experienced 5% growth since 2010. As companies exponentially grow their information technology departments, some  are finding themselves ill-prepared. Consulting with an analyst, who specializes in examining the system as a whole, can significantly ease the transition.

5. Systems and Network Administrators
In many ways, system administrators are the unsung heroes of the IT realm. Having an ability to seamlessly resolve issues under pressure is critical to success in the role. EMSI named it the 6th most sought-after skill set in 2013, and reported there has been a 5% growth in openings over the past two years.

6. Security SpecialistsInformation Technology
As the task of safeguarding corporate data and proprietary information becomes both more essential and difficult, individuals with an information technology degree who are fluent in firewalls, detecting threats and encryption technology have many opportunities.

7. Cloud Computing Specialists
Experts increasingly predict that cloud computing is the future of the industry.  Specialists with an information technology degree who can assist in the design and implementation of cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are increasingly sought-after by organizations.

8. Networking Specialists
Recent research by staffing firm Robert Half International has found that network administration is the second most sought-after skill set by CIOs.

9. Mobile Specialists
Individuals with information technology degrees who are prepared to step up and meet the growing demand for mobile technology, application development and device management will likely be even more in-demand in years to come. While the position of mobile manager barely existed a year ago, it’s likely to become much more common in the future.

10. Data Center Management
While only 16% of organizations surveyed by Computerworld plan to hire data managers in 2013, Robert Half has ranked it the 2nd-hardest to hire for.

Experienced professionals with an information technology degree have a myriad of opportunities.  Build your career with a degree from Broadview University!

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