Creating a New Campus Culture: Student Ambassadors Set the Tone

Published on January 25, 2013 by arothstein

Broadview University’s Layton campus is creating a new identity for itself through the introduction of Student Ambassadors. Current students from different degree programs are coming together to help new students ease into college life while helping to create and promote student events.

Broadview University

Student Ambassadors will help create engaging community events, like this Halloween trunk-or-treat event.

“A Student Ambassador is really the face of Broadview University,” said new Student Ambassador RaeAnn Johnson.  “We are here to help create a welcoming, fun, and exciting experience for our current and new students… as well as getting involved with the community, to help form relationships with potential employers.”

Student Services Coordinator Sharon Rosinski, who helps lead the ambassadors, said, “We think that there are a couple needs our campus has. We need to make new students feel comfortable, and represent to the community what our campus culture is like.”

 The new group will organize student campus events, host workshops, mentor new students, create service learning projects and engage the local community through outside events.

“I became a Student Ambassador to help create a culture at our school where students are excited to come to class because they have friends and people who support them here,” Johnson said. “I have grown so much from my experiences here at Broadview, and I would like to be able to help create those same experiences for the new and current students.”

Student Ambassador Melisa Lovato added, “Being a new student is not easy, especially after years of not being in school. I want to be that person who other students come to for advice on how to handle things… I love being a big part of this school and what it stands for.”

The campus created the team to enrich the university’s culture while enhancing its students’ educational experiences.

“The goal is to provide more career-ready, professional graduates who know how to lead,” added Rosinski.

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