How a Vision Board Manifested Itself

Published on January 30, 2013 by arothstein

massage therapy school

Melisa stretches Utah Blaze Offensive Lineman Lauvale Sape before a game.

“Going to school has given me such a sense of confidence; I’ve never been so proud of myself in my life than I am right now.”

Those are the words of Broadview University-Layton massage therapy school student Melisa Lovato.  Poise isn’t something that came easy for Melisa, though. She dropped out of school in her teens to start a family and was out of school for 15 years before she decided to go back for her GED. Two years later, after not fitting well in one of Utah’s larger universities, she found a home at Broadview University.

“[At the other school], there wasn’t that personal rapport, but here, this is my place, this is where I’m supposed to be. It’s nice to be known at school,” Melisa said.

Finding your right home takes time and for many of us, a little encouragement. Through her personal struggles, Melisa found reassurance in the form of a vision board.

“I just got a piece of poster board and started pasting things that I wanted to do in life and what I wanted to see,” Melisa explained. “Things that you put on your board can manifest in life. You have to be careful on what you put on your vision board, because what you ask for you just might get.”

Through her pasted phrases and pictures, Melisa laid out a path to the power of healing–a path she is finding in the massage therapy program. “I always had a good knack with people skills. Working as a nursing aid, one of the best feelings for me was the feeling of touch. I can get lost in massage. I am in tune with body work,” Melisa said.

massage therapy school

Melisa takes part in many special events throughout the year, including the Skirt in the Dirt race in Ogden.

Melisa admits that school hasn’t been a breeze, but her perspective of the whole journey will prepare her well after graduation.  

“It’s challenging but after you hit that challenge, you are able to look back and see where you are now,” she said. “All of those tiny successes have become monumental in my life.”

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