3 Tips to Maximize Your Online Experience

Published on January 31, 2013 by arothstein

Broadview University-LaytonTaking college courses online at Broadview University offers students flexibility. It can also be a somewhat isolating experience–but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these three tips to make the most of your online learning experience.

1.Know Yourself as a Learner

We all learn differently. Some learn visually, while others learn by doing things hands on. The first step is to determine your learning style and then modify your homework. The best place to begin is by utilizing the additional resources that your instructor provides for you. You have all seen these, but have probably chosen to ignore them. Stop it! Believe it or not, these can appeal to your style and can help the harder material stick.

The next step is to conduct your own research and find outside material that relates to the class and your life. By associating the material with your own familiarities, you will have a greater chance of retaining and appreciating the class.

2. Come Say Hi

“Just because you are taking an online course, doesn’t mean you are restricted to doing everything online,” said Student Accounts Representative Jocelyn Hatch. “Visit the campus.”

Online classes are appealing because they are pliable to your personal schedule. However, visiting a campus does prove beneficial to your experience. There are many resources on campus that can help give you that ‘residential’ feeling. Start by visiting Layton’s Academic Resource Center, getting to know your Online Learning Coordinator and chatting with your Program Chair.

Another useful tip: The computers here are free! Use this to your advantage! Yes, it is nice to stay home in your pajamas and do your classwork, but sometimes a break away from your family and marathon of Supernatural can be productive. Come to campus; we would love to see your faces.

3. Communication is Key

Finally, we’ve all heard communication is the key to success, right? Then why do we refuse to unlock the door? This is the easiest way to make your virtual classroom feel like the real thing.  Have you heard of Blackboard IM? If not, you need to become acquainted–quickly. Using this will help you connect with your online classmates and instructor. This tool WILL save your life one day–take my word for it.

Also, did you know that every instructor has a picture, their contact information and bio posted? You can find it under the “Instructor” tab within your online course. Why not send your instructor an e-mail introducing yourself? The more acquainted you are with your classmates and instructor, the more personable your class becomes and overall more enjoyable.

Contributed by Brittany Monte, Academic Coordinator, Broadview University-Layton

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