What You Need to Know About Online Classes

Published on February 2, 2013 by arothstein

Online degreeIt is becoming common for people from all walks of life to go on the Internet to pursue an online degree. Some of these people already are at work in the business world and want to advance with a higher degree, change careers or finish degrees they already started. Others are first-time students beginning their higher education. No matter where you are at on your journey of learning, online classes have a lot to offer students.  Broadview University wants you to have the knowledge you need to make the right choice to be successful with your education.

If you decide to try online learning, you will find an educational environment that may be different from the one you may remember from high school or college. The virtual format has a lot going for it, and students are wise to take full advantage of them.

Flexibility and Convenience

Perhaps the biggest advantage of an online degree is flexibility. This is especially true if you already are at work and/or juggle family responsibilities. With online courses, students can “attend” class at any time during the day and week.

Right along with the flexibility of online courses is their convenience. Instead of traveling to a campus, students can attend class wherever they have an Internet connection with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Course variety

Traditional universities and for-profit schools are expanding their online catalogs.  There is a seemingly endless list of classes and programs you can take to earn an online degree. Visit Broadview University to find classes related to a specific topic. In addition, complete degree programs of all levels are available, including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

Save time and money

You can save the time and cost of commuting to classes as well as child care costs when you do your classwork on your own schedule.  With accelerated programs, you may be able to finish your degree in less time than a traditional school.

online degree


An online degree requires you to be an active learner and an excellent time manager.  Courses are built to mirror residential classes without the constraints of set class times.

Computer skills

To succeed in an online course, you will need more than just access to a computer and the Internet. You will also need the skills to navigate the web and use it for research. In addition, it is helpful to know how to use e-mail and chat rooms to stay in touch with staff and fellow students.  This can be an advantage in sharpening those skills that will be necessary in many careers today.


MOOCs or Massive open online courses have been much in the news.  Many notable universities are jumping on the bandwagon.  At this time however, these courses do not lead to earning college credit.  Many free web courses do not offer any proof of completion or certification at all.

Online classes and degrees are growing in popularity.  The convenience and flexibility appeal to many, and you also need to be self disciplined to be successful.  Be informed and honest with yourself to make your experience as successful as possible.

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