Upping the Adoption Rate: These Furry Friends Get Special Treatment

Published on February 4, 2013 by arothstein

It is 9:45 on a Monday morning and students earning their veterinary technology degree at Broadview University-Orem are in suspense. The animal suites are ready, every litter box is inveterinary technology degree place, every bowl is filled, every room has a toy, and there is a towel for each guest. The floor and counter tops are sparkling clean in preparation for the guests.

The moment of anticipation comes to a head when the announcement is made: “They’re here!” The students rush eagerly forward to lend a hand in bringing their special guests out of the cold and into the warmth of the building. Some come on leashes and some come in carriers, but they have all come for the Broadview University Furry Friends Spa Treatment.

Every guest is checked in and receives a thorough physical exam. The dogs are then sent to their floor-to-ceiling personal runs and the cats are delivered to their two-room suites. They study every corner of their quarters and rearrange things to their liking. There are new smells, new people, and new places to see and explore.

Every animal that comes receives a four-day vacation filled with lots of love and attention, and they leave with a higher chance of adoption than when they first arrived. They are brought up-to-date on their vaccines (including rabies), they all receive a microchip, they get their nails trimmed, they get brushed and bathed, and some are also spayed or neutered during their stay. Students run blood work and fecal samples on each animal to check their overall health and ensure that they are getting the treatment they need.

Through Broadview University’s veterinary technology program, many animals have been made adoption-ready, and many of them find their forever homes with students, their  friends and families. Those that do return to the shelters return 100 percent ready to be adopted.

Broadview University receives animals from Draper City Animal Shelter and South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. All animals that enter the program are already fully adoptable; however, their chances for adoption are greatly enhanced due to the care they receive at the university.

Check out our Facebook page weekly for adoptable animals. Here are some guests we received recently from the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter:

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Contributed by Amanda Black

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