Pet Massage? Alumna Has Plans for Veterinary Technology, Massage Therapy

Published on February 6, 2013 by arothstein

When jobs can sometimes be hard to come by and many individuals are struggling, Broadview University focuses on job placement assistance for current students and recent graduates. Often these placements come because of time spent in externships, which are a required part of many of the programs at Broadview University. Kim Clark, a Broadview University graduate with an associate degree in veterinary technology, is one of these students who found her job through an externship.

veterinary technology

Kim Clark demonstrates proper bandaging techniques.

Kim is a veterinary technician at Riverwoods Pet Hospital in Provo, Utah, and even though she is graduated, she has plans to continue her education.

Kim was married to her husband Brent when she was 19 and they started a family soon after. Because of this, her desire for getting a college degree seemed far in the future. About 15 years later, while Brent was serving in the military in Iraq, Kim decided that it was time to start college. She had six children to care for, but she felt that someday, when they were grown and gone from home, she would need something more.

Kim has had an interest in medicine and a love for animals as well as people. The veterinary technology field gave her the opportunity to roll the three into one.  When asked which classes have been most beneficial to her, she said all of them have helped her to be prepared, and she uses most of what she learned in class every day in her work. Of all the classes that she took, she said the most surprisingly useful one was the class on exotic animals. At Riverwoods, Kim works with many exotics including birds and lizards, and she feels that the class helped her to be better prepared to do so.

In December 2012, Kim took and passed the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE), which allowed her to become a certified technician. For some that might seem like a good end, but Kim has some big plans for the future. One of these plans includes returning to Broadview University to receive a massage therapy degree.

With a massage therapy degree combined with her veterinary technician degree, she can practice massage therapy on animals. She believes that this therapy will help the patients that she works with to heal faster and to be more comfortable. Furthermore, it will also help her skills to be more marketable.

Other plans include learning more about acupuncture and laser therapy which she has seen work miracles on animals at Riverwoods. She has a great outlook on life and is very encouraging to those pursuing their veterinary technology degrees.

“If I can do it with my husband in Iraq and six kids at home, then it is achievable,” she said. “Start studying and doing practice tests now for the VTNE,” Kim encourages future graduates. “Become familiar with how the questions are worded and know your math!”

Contributed by Amanda Black

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