Why an IT degree?

Published on February 6, 2013 by arothstein

Information TechnologyWe are all dependent on technology.  Huge amounts of information are being processed and transferred every moment of every day with technology.  Fortunately, all of this translates into jobs and potential careers for those interested in a technology related career field.  An IT degree can open doors to a career in this dynamic industry.

Information technology is the use of computers to aid in the storage, retrieval and manipulation of data and information. By earning an IT degree from Broadview University, you show potential employers that you have completed a program of study that covers software development, information management, web design, databases, computer networking and programming.

An IT degree differs from a computer science degree in that there is less of a focus on the nuts and bolts of computers and programming and more of an emphasis on data management and the organization of information. Information technology also requires students to delve into information theory and to develop project management skills.

Employees who provide IT support do more than just sit at a desk behind a computer. They have to be effective leaders who can teach their company how to make the most of the technology available to them. They also need to be strategic and efficient in the way that they manage data.

An IT degree trains you to do more than make charts and organize files. It requires you to consider the most effective way for employees to access the data and programs they need without having to puzzle through unnecessarily complicated systems. The goal is not simply to manage information and data, but to manage it in a way that makes people’s jobs easier.

Because nearly every industry uses computers these days, an IT degree can give you the opportunity to work with a variety of companies.

Your typical responsibilities might include teaching people how to use new industry-specific software, providing tech support to employees as problems arise, and general computer upkeep. An employee with an IT degree is a vital part of any business because he or she ensures that all information technology operations are running smoothly at all times.

There is a wide variety of jobs that you can hold with an IT degree, including:Information Technology

In some companies, there will be room to move up into administrator positions where you will make sure that other employees are providing effective information technology support and that as a team, you are assisting the company in the best way possible.

Because our society is becoming increasingly dependent on computers, an IT degree is incredibly practical for beginning your career in technology. It can even allow you to move into more specific fields, such as computer software engineering or graphic design. An IT degree from Broadview University gives you a solid base on which to build your future career.

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