Happy Valentine’s Day, Boss

Published on February 11, 2013 by arothstein

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Madalyn Fogg, Director of Career Services, Broadview University-West Jordan

Job searching and dating–two totally separate things right? Wrong! Searching for a new job can be just like dating. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are Broadview University-West Jordan’s 10 ways the job search is just like dating.

  1. Do not settle for the first thing that comes along: Remember that you have to spend a majority of your time at the job you decide to take, do not just settle for the first offer. Just like in when you are dating, the job search is all about finding that perfect fit.
  2. Desperation is NOT attractive: Employers hate it when you appear desperate to find a job, and the same goes in the dating world. No one wants to hang around a person who is desperate.
  3. Your Interest needs to be personal, not generic: Employers do not like an employee who is there just for the paycheck. Make sure to ask questions about the company and seem genuinely interested.
  4. Remember to ask if you like them, not just if they like you: Sometimes people get so hung up on getting the job offer (or the next date) that they forget to assess whether it’s even compatible with what they want. It’s natural to want to measure up when an interviewer is scrutinizing you. But the wiser goal is to focus on learning whether you’re a mutual match—emphasis on mutual. Again, it’s like dating: If you approached every date determined to make your date fall for you, you’d miss important cues about whether or not you were right for each other.
  5. Don’t bad mouth your exes: Yes it is tempting to say exactly why you are leaving your current position, and why you’re current boss is the worst, but this makes you look bad. No employer, or date for that matter wants to hear you complain about others. It makes them wonder what you will say about them.
  6. Be Honest About Who You Are: Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. If you aren’t, your new boss will find out or you will end up in a stressful job that is not suited to your skills.
  7. Watch that Ego: While it’s important to be able to discuss what you are good at, it’s also important to show self-awareness and humility. An over-sized ego is a turn-off in any context.
  8. First Impressions Really Count: People seem to really care about making a good impression at the start of a relationship. The same goes for job searching, if you do not come across as a competent professional at the start of the hiring process, you will not get far.
  9. Don’t be a Stalker: Sometimes you aren’t a great fit for a position, and after an interview the hiring manager doesn’t call you back. This does not mean call them all the time, even when they don’t return your phone calls. One call and one voice message, any more than that you run the risk of looking creepy.
  10. Don’t Force a Connection that Isn’t There: If an employer doesn’t seem interested, just accept it and move on. You are looking for a job where the employer values and respects you, so don’t try to force anything that isn’t there.

There you have it! 10 Ways the Job Search is Like Dating. For more fun job search advice, remember to talk to Career Services in Building 100.

By Madalyn Fogg, Director of Career Services, Broadview University-West Jordan

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