How the Body Talks: 5 Tips for Professional Body Language

Published on February 13, 2013 by arothstein

Stacie Harris (right) from 3 Key Elements greets Career Services Director Cassie Olson.

We’ve all heard that non-verbal communication speaks louder than actual words. From your posture to how you position your feet, body language creates critical first impressions, which are pivotal in the business world.

There are literally hundreds of tips and techniques that communication experts throw at us. But when you mix nerves and other thoughts into the equation, tips are hard to remember when you meet that important person. With communication happening every moment of our life, recalling just a few body language tips can lead to more positive interactions.

Mentor and trainer Stacie Harris from 3 Key Elements offers mentoring and body language training. 3 Key Elements partners with Broadview University to provide this training during the career capstone class to help students prepare for their careers. Here, Harris outlines 5 easy-to-remember professional body language tips:

1. Give Me A Hand

“No more fishy handshakes or limp hands; everyone hates it,” says Harris. “Think web to web (the inner part of your hands), hold for a few seconds and not too firm.” The idea here is to not cut off the circulation in the hand but isn’t feeling like a dead fish either.

2. Seeing Eye to Eye

The most important concept in body language is eye contact. It is how we make connections during social interactions and shows if we truly care. Try to make contact with their eyes for a few seconds but not long enough to be labeled ‘creepy’.


3. Strike a Pose

Harris notes that standing strong builds rapport with your guest. Remember to keep your hands out of your pockets (you’re not hiding anything). It is also important to try not to bend your knees in your initial greeting.

4. Don’t Shoulder the Load

“Your shoulders represent your burdens and show responsibilities,” notes Harris. “Keep them upright when engaging a person and stop them from coming forward. No slouching!

5. Smile

It sounds simple but it is critical in the business world. “Smile is big–57 percent of language is through our body. Smiling creates a positive energy,” added Harris.

Stacie Harris offers community and corporate trainings as well as student discounts. For more information on Stacie and her workshops, contact her at

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