Bouncing Back From Near Failure

Published on February 14, 2013 by arothstein

Submitted by Victoria Davis, a student in the business degree program at Broadview University.

Have you ever sat there staring at a pile of—no, wait—make that mountain of homework that you have to knock out on any given night? Has the thought, “Nope, I cannot handle this” ever crossed your mind? If the answer is ‘yes’, we have been in the same boat.

I started going to school at Broadview University nearly two years ago. During my first quarter, two of the four classes I had were online. I don’t know if you struggle as much as I do, but one online course is challenging enough all by itself. Two proved impossible for me to handle.  Between that impossibility, and some family issues at home, I sat there staring at a very large mountain called college—thinking I could not handle it.

business degree program

Studying with friends is one of the best ways to get involved at school. Victoria (pictured left) says, “We help each other with parts of classes we struggle with—accounting classes are the ones we ALWAYS have to help each other get through.”

Yet two years later, here I am happily married, working at a good job, and getting pretty good grades. How did I manage to bounce back from near failure? The secret is a lot of support.

It is important to remember that college is not something you do alone. We are all in this together and we can all relate to each other. When I started opening up and becoming more involved in school, I started doing better.

Something else I discovered during my first quarter here is that I am “a yellow.” Anyone who goes through Insights training as part of Global Citizenship knows it means I constantly need to be involved. The more involved in classes and school I became, the better I did. And it wasn’t just with school work. I became involved in making friends at school as well.  To this day, we all study together and help each other with parts of class we struggle with.

Another thing I had to do was buckle down and start applying myself.  I began making sure I had weekly study times built into my schedule.  I also told my then fiancé to make sure I had finished my homework before we went out. His reminders helped me finish my work.

My other help was to have hobbies.  For a while I climbed rocks with coworkers in the gym where we work. Afterwards, we would all go out and get drinks together. I also tried tumbling.  Right now I play a lot of video games at home where I dance. Being active helps give my mind a rest from school work, work work, and well—everything else that stresses me out. It also gets my blood flowing and I feel great.  It is important to keep having fun.

After all is said and done, the main thing to remember is to just keep going. Being a student is hard work.  When that mountain of school work looks unbearable—take it one step at a time. It might take a while but you will make it. Don’t give up. You don’t want to be that person later in life who sits around just wishing they had followed their dream and made it through school. You want to be the one who graduates.

This blog post is part of a hands-on learning project for the Consumer Behavior class at Broadview University-Boise. Seven students total will write about their personal college experiences and share them with the world. Read more about the project here.

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