5 Steps to Perfect Attendance

Published on February 19, 2013 by arothstein

Someone once said “Practice makes perfect,” and now it is a common phrase. For many, perfection may seem like a lofty goal and even impossible. However, it is possible to be perfect in different things and one of the easiest things to be perfect in is class attendance. At Broadview University, not only is it easy, it also qualifies those dedicated students for 20 percent off their textbook fees for the next quarter. Now, that is some incentive! Here is a 5-step guide to achieving perfect attendance:

Breann Wardle

The rewards for arriving on time, or even better arriving early, are many. Some of the highest awards are ones that can’t be physically measured, such as being prepared to learn, being present for lectures and lab assignments, and getting help from the instructors and classmates.

The more tangible rewards include receiving 20 percent off of textbook fees for the following quarter and having your name on the “perfect attendance” list.

Congratulations to the Broadview University-Orem students who achieved perfect attendance during the fall quarter of 2012!

Alexandria Adamson Cassondra Cleek Adrianna Garza Kristin Rosenlof Helen Whittaker
Debra Anderson Courtney Cook Andrew Johnson Brett Sheets Andrew Wilde
Brent Barney Douglas Crew Mackenzie Millet Terry Simpson Shayla Wright
Erin Biggs Jared Dunford Kelsey Neil Judy Stringham
Amanda Black Amber Eberline Lindsey Norton Janis Tate
Kaydee Bowen Elita Flores Aimee Peterson Terri Vasquez
Jesi Chapman Emily Gamboa Yvonne Peterson Breann Wardle

There are times when emergencies happen, but they are called emergencies because they are infrequent—sudden experiences that need to be handled immediately. If students do have an emergency or are going to be late, they can call the school and let the instructor know.

Contributed by Amanda Black

Students, from left to right= Amber Eberline, Kaydee Bowen, Brent Barney, Adrianna Garza, and Alexandria Adamson

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