Can Vaccinating Be Fun? Ask One of These Vet Techs

Published on February 20, 2013 by arothstein

It was an early Saturveterinary technology programday morning on Feb. 16 for veterinary technology program students Dianna Martinez, Kimberly Thomas, Aimee Cole and Chanin Malley.

The four vet tech students from Broadview University-West Jordan cheerfully volunteered their time and skills as members in the community brought in their dogs and cats to the Bluffdale City Fire Station for the Bi-Annual Vaccination Clinic, hosted by South Mountain Equine Veterinary Services, located in Riverton, Utah.

Nikky Heard, office manager for South Mountain Equine Veterinary Services and a Broadview University-West Jordan vet tech graduate, directed the student volunteers as waves of people pulled up the driveway in pick-up trucks and SUVs with their four-legged friends.

“Thank you so much,” said Dan Healey, Bluffdale resident and owner of Baley, a 2-year-old pup.

“I’ve had the love of helpiveterinary technology programng animals my entire life,” said student Chanin Malley, “I’ll do anything for them.” Chanin plans to work for a clinic upon completing her studies at Broadview University.

Chante Lopez, another graduate of our vet tech program, also volunteered her time and skills. “Nikky invited me to help, so that’s why I’m here,” said Chante. She currently works in her field at the Brick Yard Animal Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The vaccination clinic was held from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Hundreds of community members benefited from the low-cost vaccination service.

“I think it’s a huge benefit for the owner and the animal,” said student Dianna Martinez, who is currently enrolled in the Basic Hemotology and Small Animal Nutrition and Nursing classes, and plans to one day work at a tech program

SCNAVTA president, Aimee Cole, was one of the four student volunteers in attendance. Aimee, rather than working for a shelter or clinic, is planning to take the entrepreneurial side by opening a clinic focusing on exotics and horses.

“When I graduate, I’ll possibly be moving to Colorado, where vet techs start with a higher pay due to their certification requirements,” said Aimee, “But eventually, I’ll want to open my own business.”

Nikki Heard said, “We love working with Broadview University vet tech students. They definitely have the desire and skills that we hope to have in our volunteers.”

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