Dual Perspective: Staff Member-Student Sees Two Sides of College Life

Published on February 21, 2013 by arothstein

Songwriter, guitar player, Broadview University-West Jordan employee and student. These are just a few things that describe Julie Wilbur, financial aid administrator, and the focus of this month’s Student Spotlight.

business administration

Julie Wilbur, Broadview University-West Jordan financial aid administrator and business administration student.

Since when have you been a student here, and what classes are you taking?

I’m currently on my 5th quarter, and am currently taking one class, Intro to Computer Literacy.

How do you like Intro to Computer Literacy?

I like it because everything I learn in class, I can immediately put it to good use as a financial aid administrator.

OK, you just answered the next question. What is your job title?

I’ve been a financial aid administrator for one year thus far, and was an administrative assistant for one year prior to that.

I also work at High Point Coffee on Saturdays. I’ve been there for the last five years. I was a musician for them, however since then, the owner now offers Open Mic.

What field of study are you looking to go into at Broadview University? And, why?

Business administration, because business applies to pretty much everything, everywhere. It also will give me more room for advancement in my career field. My end goal is to have an MBA.

What about Broadview University do you like? Both as a student, and as an employee?

As a student, I love the tutoring accessibility and especially love the small class sizes that Broadview offers. The flexibility they give me by being able to take both night and online classes is also convenient. 

Broadview University has a familiar, personable, and close-knitted faculty that I thoroughly enjoy learning from as a student, and working with as an employee.

And just like real estate: location, location, location. I live very close by.

As a Financial Aid Administrator, I love how there’s always something new to learn. I also love assisting students in finding ways for them to financially achieve their educational goals. Ultimately, I love the people I work with. They motivate me to become better, both academically as well as professionally. Several of my co-workers are currently going to school here also.

Tell me something that you have learned while working at Broadview that you didn’t know before.

I definitely have improved my time management skills while working and going to school at Broadview. The value of investing time and money in your education has been valuable knowledge I have gained.

Kristi Snow, director of financial aid, says, “Julie is friendly with everyone she meets. She is always on task and is hard-working. She is a pleasure to work with.”

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