What is Content Marketing

Published on February 26, 2013 by arothstein

content marketingFive years ago, who had even heard of content marketing? One of the hottest business buzzwords of 2013 describes one of the fastest-growing and most-exciting career paths for individuals with an interest in internet marketing. According to CNN, a day in the life of a typical content marketer involves working with a team of digital experts to further an organization’s goal through blog articles, eBooks, videos and infographics. Skills required include a strong attention to detail, knowledge of grammar, and of course, the ability to write well.

What is Content Marketing, Anyway?
Even if you’re previously unfamiliar with content marketing, you have seen it and there’s a good chance you’ve heard it described under a different name. The discipline has a strong overlap with private media, online journalism, branded content or corporate journalism. According to the Content Marketing Institute, this form of internet marketing is the practice of “creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract…a clearly defined…audience.” The field is different from traditional journalism in that content marketers are often responsible for gaining traction through guest blogging, social media or other means. They’re also experienced internet marketers, who have a strong knowledge of their company’s target customer and the types of marketing materials that will appeal to this persona.  Red Bull is a great example of this type of targeted content marketing.

The Sky is the Limit
If you’re wondering whether content marketing is just another career bubble, it appears to be the future of internet marketing. CNN experts report there are currently 10,000 jobs in the field, and experts are predicting 13% growth over the next decade. Even better, content marketers may even be able to demand higher salaries than their peers working in journalism, with a median pay of around $51,000, due to the digital and social media savvy required for a high level of success in the role.

Is the Field Growing?
By all expert indications, the vast majority of organizations have realized that an internet marketing strategy won’t be very effective without custom web content marketingcontent. 87% of organizations are currently writing and publishing materials. 69% cite their biggest challenge as creating enough content to satisfy the demands of their prospects, while 25% struggle to find enough talented staff members to create the content needed according to an article by VentureFizz.

What is the Future of Content Marketing?
Google, the world’s leading search engine, has become particularly adept over the previous years at searching like a consumer. The tech giant’s staff members recognize that consumers want high-quality information, and have become better each year at filtering through anything that’s low-quality or published with the sole intention of gaining a higher ranking in search. Content marketers are now critical for organizations to be found by their prospects using Google, YouTube, Yahoo or other search engines, because they simply can’t be ranked without quality content. According to subject matter expert Pawan Deshpande, the future is very bright for internet marketing savvy writers, stating that there’s no reason to expect anything aside from continued growth for the discipline.

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