9 Students Help Give 7 Dogs a Second Chance

Published on March 5, 2013 by arothstein

Broadview University

Student Yasmin Munson

Many adventures start out with a glimmer of an idea and evolve into something extraordinary. That was the case with an idea that began in Christy Davey’s mind. When the Global Citizenship class at Broadview University-Orem was asked to brainstorm ideas for service-learning projects, Christy boldly mentioned her idea: to put on an adopt-a-thon for shelter animals at PetSmart.

Christy was thrilled with the response. Eight other students–Andy Blake, Julie Vannatta, Yasmin Munson, Karla Carter, Eric Pfeil, Tiffany Carter, Sylvia Jones, and Dan Carter–latched onto her vision. Although the students were all enrolled in different programs, each was willing to contribute their talents to make the event something special: to help homeless pets find their forever homes.

Clearly, from the beginning, this event was going to involve a lot of work:

Broadview University

Student Tiffany Carter

Several of the students, including Christy Davey and Andy Blake, went to the North and South Utah Valley Animal shelters to tour the facilities, learn about the shelters, and bath and groom the dogs so that they would look their best for the big day. They learned that 85,000 animals enter Utah shelters every year, and over half of them are euthanized. This increased the students’ desire to get as many dogs adopted as possible. Many hours were put into making and delivering flyers to spread the word around Utah County.

Security, though at first not in the planning, became important on the day of the event. Dan Carter, a criminal justice student, and some fellow security guards helped mark off entrances and exits and create a safe perimeter around the Orem PetSmart parking lot.

The Saturday was perfect for the event and the turnout was great. Many people wandered through to look at the dogs and receive pamphlets and verbal information on how to best care for adopted animals as well as their own pets at home. They also received information from the Utah County Spay and Neuter Clinic, with coupons for spays, neuters and vaccines. Even though many of the people were wandering about out of curiosity, the results of the big day were still amazing: seven dogs were adopted into forever homes and three dogs were placed into foster homes.

Each student saw first-hand how hard it can be to see so many wonderful dogs passed over. Not every home is an ideal place for a pet, and many homes are unable to have pets due to housing regulations, allergies or other issues.

Tiffany Carter, a medical administrative assistant student, said, “We had a lot of dogs adopted during the time of the event, but there were a ton more that didn’t get adopted because not everyone that stopped by wanted to adopt a dog.”

Broadview UniversityShe also said that she learned that there are more animals in need of homes than there are people who want or can have pets. Because of this, she realized that it is a very good idea to spay and neuter pets to reduce the number of homeless pets.

At the end of the day, every Broadview University student felt that the adopt-a-thon was a success. They had spent the day educating people, taking care of the dogs, and loving every minute of it. They learned the importance of spaying and neutering their own pets and encouraging others to do the same. Every animal has so much love to give, but they need people to give it to. Because of this, the students saw the importance of adopting from shelters and giving those animals a second chance.

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