5 Reasons Study Buddies Help Make the Grade

Published on March 7, 2013 by arothstein

Submitted by LeeAnna Bramblett, a student in the business program at Broadview University.

When in college or in school, in general sometimes you have a hard time studying or doing work all together. But what helps you get past these stages? You can force yourself to study or you can talk to your school and have them find you some buddy that needs help too, where you both can understand stuff together. Study Buddies are great for that!

business program

LeeAnna (right) and her study buddy Victoria (left). The two became friends more than a year ago when an instructor placed them together to help each other make it through their accounting course.

My first year in college, one of my professors helped me find a study buddy who also was struggling in the same class I was. When we first met we got together like once a week to go over what we both were struggling on and help each other through it. As we met more and more we became friends. Now we are best friends.

Study Buddies don’t always turn into a friendship but there are a lot of advantages in having a study buddy. Having a study buddy can not only help you study but also help you find ways that are easy for you to learn!

Study buddies help for a lot of things but here are just a few:

1)      Different perspective on learning

2)      Boredom? I don’t think so!

3)      Motivation

4)      Different opinions

5)      Having someone to help you

These are just some of the main benefits that come from having a study buddy. Study buddies help make not just college but in general a lot easier to pass and enjoy while in school!

This blog post is part of a hands-on learning project for the Consumer Behavior class at Broadview University-Boise. Seven students total will write about their personal college experiences and share them with the world. Read more about the project here.

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