7 Stellar Presentations: From Acing an Interview to Time Management Tips

Published on March 7, 2013 by arothstein

Interested in learning how to ace a job interview? How about discovering ways to combat anxiety before a test? Or practicing massage techniques that ease hand cramps? These are just a few of the topics presented at Broadview University-Orem’s quarterly Strategy Fair by Brent Clark’s Global Citizenship students. The following is a recap of these informative projects.

Broadview University

Broadview University

Acing Your Interview
By Morgan Pederson, Christopher Rich, and Tiffany VanAusdal
This project outlined the most valuable tips on how to engage in a successful job interview, such as making eye contact, not speaking negatively about former employers, remembering people’s names, staying on topic, and being yourself. Students presented advice on dressing for success (which does include wearing a smile) and preparing for common interview questions.

Overcoming Test Anxiety
By Lisa Dunyon and Mindi Fisher
“Relax, breathe, eat healthy and get plenty of sleep,” is the bolded headline of this project’s pamphlet, serving as its main theme. Studying is obviously key in preparing for any test, but it is also crucial that students get adequate nutrition and plenty of sleep so that their minds can function at their best.

Hand Cramps: What They Are and How to Relieve Them
By Ted Lewis and Chris Watson
Most of us have experienced hand cramping at one time or another, especially if we have been writing for a long period of time. Ted and Chris explained that hand cramps can develop from overusing the same muscles, nerve problems, and/or a lack of Vitamin D and electrolytes. Hand cramping can be relieBroadview Universityved with hand exercisers, massages, heat therapy, and by staying hydrated.

The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership
By Janis Tate and Tori Witschger
Pet owners can attest to the joy that their furry friends bring into their lives, and this project reinforced that. Citing research studies, Janis and Tori explained how pets help lower their owners’ blood pressure, and reduce rates of asthma and allergies in children who grow up with a pet in the house. Pets also improve people’s psychological well-being and self-esteem.

Study Tips to Ace Exams
By Kirsten Riley and Chelsea Thomas
From what to focus on during class (taking notes, actively listening, and participating in lectures) to how to study when out of class (removing all distractions from study area, setting time aside every day to study, and taking detailed notes), this project covered all the techniques necessary to ace an exam.

Protecting Your Computer Against Viruses
By Cedric Quartey and Joshua Ward
Computers are susceptible to an onslaught of viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious software. Responsible web-surfers recognize the importance of protecting their computers, and Cedric and Joshua listed the three steps to getting a virus-free computer: (1) Download AVG: Anti-Virus FreeBroadview University, (2) Download Avira, and (3) Install Microsoft Security Essentials (if you’re using a PC).

9 Steps to Organizing Your Time
By Kaydee Bowen and Cassie Cleek
Kaydee and Cassie offered these nine steps for effective time management: (1) Fill out a calendar, (2) Invest in a planner, (3) Transfer important dates from your calendar to your planner, (4) Set deadlines for tasks, (5) Schedule activities for the whole term, (6) Make time for breaks, (7) Check for schedule conflicts, (8) Schedule unscheduled time, (9) Monitor your schedule daily.

Broadview University-Orem’s students are brimming with great information on a wide variety of topics, and the quarterly Strategy Fair is just one way of bringing it all to the surface. Great job, students!

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