How to Become an App Developer

Published on March 8, 2013 by arothstein

app developer, information technology degree

Valerie Ledin earned her IT degree from Broadview University. She now works in app development.

Apps are a part of our everyday life. You name it; there is an app for that. Weather, food, sports, games, drinks, heck–even your cat has its own app. It is a booming industry that has limitless potential.

Recent Broadview University-Layton information technology degree graduate, Valerie Ledin, came back to the campus to talk with current IT students about the industry and how she became an app developer. Valerie is the PHP and Android Developer for The Local Pages. Since she started with the company in May 2012, she has moved up from an entry level position to helping launch new mobile and web applications.

information technology degree

She has been involved with the initiative to move The Local Pages from the dying platform of paper books to online databases. “Phone books are going to be obsolete. They are bringing themselves to the internet age,” said Ledin. “Applications have become an integral part of our lives; they are going to be sticking around.”

As her company pushes to compete more with the bigger search engine companies, Valerie is able to reflect on what makes the position rewarding. “Being published and seeing that people are actually using your applications is neat,” Ledin said. “Having sales reps sell your stuff is kinda cool.”

Becoming part of this fast growing field is easier than you think. An IT degree in the field helps get your foot in the door, while a particular set of soft skills will separate you from the pack.

Valerie notes these attributes are critical to securing and keeping a job as an app developer:

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