Is This the Luckiest Pet of 2013?

Published on March 8, 2013 by arothstein

Online pet adoption hub is holding a contest to find the luckiest pet in 2013. Out of the 4,000+ pets listed on the site, Kristin Pazdernik may have the most fortunate. Kristin, a veterinary technology program student at Broadview University, rescued Alexus a year and a half ago. Unknown to Kristin, Alexus was deaf.

veterinary technology program

Kristin Pazdernik with her adopted Great Dane, Alexus.

“I just thought she wasn’t trained well or was stupid,” remarked Kristin. “She never had any hand signal training so we had to start from ground zero.”

While being brought into a loving home makes Alexus lucky, it is the pure fact that she is still around that makes this Great Dane truly blessed. After bouncing around three different homes and being posted for adoption online, Alexus was living on borrowed time.

“The lady said, ‘someone either gets her today or she is going to the pound’,” added Kristin. “Being deaf, she would have definitely been put down; it was a high kill shelter.”

Alexus is looking to repay her good fortune with the contest. The pet that gets the most votes receives $5,000 to be donated to a charity of their choice (and $500 for doggie goodies). Kristin and Alexus are advocating for Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue Inc (RMGDRI).

veterinary technology program

Luck dog? Vote for Alexus at

The RMGDRI is a group of volunteers that works to preserve the well-being of Great Danes throughout the West. According to their website, the charity rescues Great Danes from harmful situations and funds their medical care, pet medications, advanced surgical treatments, spay/neuters and food/shelter. The group works out of 13 states, including Utah.

One of the primary reasons Kristin got involved with the RMGDRI is because of the stigma with Great Danes. “Great Danes are a novelty breed but people don’t realize how much they need,” said Kristin. “People don’t do their research and leave either [because of] lack of time or lack of resources.”

If you would like to make Alexus the luckiest pet of 2013, go to Search Alexus in the box and then click, “Vote for this Pet.” You can vote up to once a day. The contest ends on March 18.

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