6 Ways College Just Got More Affordable in Utah and Idaho

Published on March 12, 2013 by arothstein

Broadview UniversityEveryone knows that the more we learn, the more we earn, but unfortunately not everyone can afford the cost of higher education.  With this in mind, Broadview University  is rolling out a number of ways to reduce the cost of a college degree and make it easier for people to start and finish their degree program.

These changes are based on research showing students who progress through their program steadily have higher graduation rates and incur less debt.  These students also have a quicker path to their career.

The following cost reductions will go into effect with the University’s Spring Quarter starting April, 2013;

  1. Reduced Tuition – Starting Spring Quarter 2013, full time tuition will be reduced by up to 14% to $375 per credit.  Research has shown that full time students (12 or more credits) have significantly higher graduation rates than part time students.  Full time students also finish their programs in less time and enter the workplace earlier with lower loan debt.  This lowered tuition is aimed at making it more affordable for students to take more classes each quarter.
  2. Reduced costs for textbooks – Textbook and lab costs add up quickly and impact student borrowing.  Broadview University is undertaking an initiative to lower these costs.  The goal is to keep book and lab costs under $100 per class.  E-books and online resources are being piloted in order to meet these goals.
  3. More Scholarships – Broadview University has a wide ranging scholarship program that resulted in student awards of more than $1.6 million in 2012.  A variety of scholarships are available for military students and family, non-traditional students and high school graduates.  The organization also has a matching program to match outside scholarships students may receive.
  4. Easy Credit Transfer – A robust credit transfer program eliminates redundant coursework and allows students to get credit for those classes already completed from other institutions.  This eliminates the cost of repeating classes previously taken.
  5. College Credits for Work Experience – Earn your degree faster! Broadview recognizes that on the job training and work experience provide educational value.  Students can apply to receive credits for the skills and knowledge they have gained outside of a classroom.  This shortens the path to graduation and makes programs more affordable.
  6. Accelerated Degree/Programs – Graduate and start working in less time.  Academic programs and courses are scheduled to facilitate quick completion.  Students are able to fill their schedules with the classes they need each quarter rather than needing to take filler classes to become a full time student.

Broadview University is a family managed career college that prepares students for a variety of in-demand jobs.  Through its “We Care” mission, the organization focuses on making a hands-on, career focused education accessible to all students and families.



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