The ‘Cheers’ of College?

Published on March 12, 2013 by arothstein

information technology degree Sean Mendoza is earning an information technology degree at Broadview University-Layton. He’s adept at taking apart and rebuilding computers–and at calming new students’ fears about college.

When Broadview University created its Student Ambassador group, they were hoping to attract a mix of students with varied experience. The aim was to find diversity in students’ academic programs and educational backgrounds to create connections between current students while helping to calm new students’ nerves. Sean is an ideal Ambassador.

Broadview University is Sean’s third collegiate home. After spending some time at a bigger university and trying online school, he found a home at our career college.

“Here, you are not just a number,” Sean said. “At other places, if you don’t come in, they don’t care. With online you can’t get in touch with faculty and they don’t respond, but here, everyone knows you.”

Sean’s past allows him to see college from a different viewpoint, which can make a difference with new students.

“I hadn’t been to school for a few years and I didn’t think I could do it,” Sean said.  “Don’t let the idea of school scare you; this is actually a different experience.”

He added, “I think you need to enjoy the thing you are doing. If you hate the classes, why even take them? The end goal is that sheet of paper–[the diploma]. You’ve achieved it…now go out and do it.”

Sean can testify on the differences between schools and achieving success, but his true expertise lies in the IT field.

“I’ve always been into computers,” Sean said. “One of the first computers in the house, I took it apart, got yelled at obviously, but I have been taking them apart ever since. [The IT program] taps into almost everything, even if you don’t know about IT when you first start out, it gives you a little of everything and then allows you to stem out.”

He concluded, “This is kind of cheesy but this is the ‘Cheers’ of college. It’s more personable here. It feels complete here. I see what I can obtain here and use it.

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