Massage Class Flips Out and Brings Envy

Published on March 15, 2013 by arothstein

Instructor Megan Allen’s Hot Stone Massage & Spa Techniques class welcomed guest speaker Randi Mears from Massage Envy’s Sandy and Union Heights locations. Randi spent about 30 minutes with our massage therapist school students, telling them everything from how the company works to how spa modalities can be offered in the Massage Envy setting.

massage therapist schoolThe Hot Stone Massage & Spa Techniques course is an example of a “flipped classroom,” which reverses the lecture and homework elements of the class. The Broadview University-West Jordan massage team, led by Rob Gibson, has prepared videos for students to view outside of class, and they emphasize the practical application of their skills during class time. Guest speakers, field trips and practical application during class time give the students a better opportunity to expand their skill base and become prepared for employment.

The students were engaged in Randi’s presentation and asked many questions. He gave a straight-up answer regarding how the pay works there and what students could expect. Randi emphasized that he can never find enough therapists that do hot stone and prenatal massage.

Luckily for our students, these are two core classes we offer here at Broadview University that help us prepare therapists to work straight out of school.  Right now, students are offering both hot stone and prenatal massage during clinic hours and getting a lot of quality feedback and practice.

Instructor Megan Allen said, “The fact that we offer these courses makes me very happy and confident in the education we are offering. The students were very excited about the potential job opportunities and know that they are being taught the necessary tools to be successful!”


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