Dreams Do Come True: IT Graduate Lands Job at iHigh

Published on March 19, 2013 by arothstein

We blog. We tweet. We write on our friends’ walls. We pin and repin our favorite things on virtual pinboards. Would any of these phrases have made sense 10 years ago?

information technology degree

Adam Black earned his IT degree from Broadview University. He now works in his field at iHigh.

The Internet is evolving rapidly before our eyes, and people everywhere are working overtime to develop an online presence for their businesses that will rise above their competitors’. We’re in a digital world now, and it’s more important than ever for companies to hire skilled IT and social media specialists who can breathe life into their companies’ websites and take them to the next level. This is why the information technology degree program is one of the most popular majors here at Broadview University-Orem.

Adam Black, one of Broadview’s IT program graduates from last spring, can attest to the value of his education. As the student speaker for the Spring 2012 Commencement ceremony, Adam talked about how excited he was to pursue his love of computer technology, a subject he always enjoyed and was naturally talented in. He was always the go-to guy for his friends and family when they had computer problems, so pursuing a degree in IT felt like an obvious choice.

While attending Broadview, Adam took his studies seriously, taking up to 20 credits every other quarter. Web Design was his favorite class, so much so that he made it his degree emphasis. He stayed busy while in school, juggling 40-hour work-weeks (and 15-hour work-weekends) while taking care of his wife and two young children. But Adam’s commitment level reached new heights when, just two days after his third child was born, he spoke at commencement. What a trooper!

As a result of his hard work in finishing his degree, Adam and his family relocated from Utah to Kentucky so he could work for an Internet sports company called iHigh. Boasting a Bachelor of Science degree in IT with an emphasis in web design, he was able to score this great entry-level job, which played directly to his skills: he uses HTML to create newsletters and widgets, and he also utilizes SEO (search engine optimization) to manage content.

His education was crucial to his success, and he advises up-and-coming IT students to remember to utilize all available resources: teachers, tutors, and labs.

He says, “I understood everything in theory, but not in practice. I would advise IT students to take advantage of all their resources while they are in school. That’s what they are there for.”

The road is far from over for Adam. He sees himself getting a master’s degree and starting up his own business that specializes in building websites for businesses. Based on his current track record, we are sure to expect great things from Adam in the future.

This is just one example of many in which a Broadview student has pursued an interest, turned it into a degree, and landed a job in the field. Well done, Adam!

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