Do You Have the Right Stuff?

Published on March 26, 2013 by arothstein

Our students’ hard work finally paid off on March 23 when Broadview University-West Jordan and Broadview University-Layton celebrated as the students graduated into the next stage of their professional lives. The graduation ceremony was held at the Utah Cultural Center in West Valley.

graduation, Broadview UniversityGraduation is the highlight of a student’s academic career. Years of hard work and dedication culminate with the realization that they are prepared to take on the next stage of their life. Broadview’s 67th Graduating Class/2013 Winter Graduates know this is a moment to cherish.

“I had a 10-year gap between [high] school and coming to college,” said Broadview-West Jordan graduate Cassandra Donovan-Sweet. “Never give up, no matter what anyone tells you. There may be others that see something in you that you didn’t know was there.”

Broadview-Layton graduate and student speaker Tracy Crimin added, “I encourage all of you graduates to take advantage of the education at Broadview and utilize it in your future.”

The 67th Commencement was highlighted by keynote speaker Frank Pignanelli. Frank is a former Utah legislator and current political figure and teacher. “What you are getting today is more than a diploma; you are getting a skill,” said Pignanelli.

graduation, Broadview UniversityFrank mentioned that it is hard to quantify what makes a person special, but that Tom Wolf’s classic book, “The Right Stuff,” provides a good benchmark.

“It’s a certain quality in people, and you have the right stuff,” added Pignanelli. “Graduating against all odds, you made the decision to invest in yourself. You took a chance on this state, and this country. You’ve demonstrated that you have the right stuff.”

According to Utah System of Higher Education, just 39 percent of Utahns held an associate degree or higher in 2010. Estimates put the number slightly higher than 40 percent today. No matter the current percentage, completing a college education is a clear indicator that you have “the right stuff.”




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