A Day in the Life of Mark Harrison, Presenter Extraordinaire

Published on April 1, 2013 by arothstein

The sky is still dark when he heads out to the school of the day. It is a cloudy, wintery morning, and the classroom is packed with chatting high school students. The bell rings and class begins. The teacher gives a brief introduction and turns the time over to Mr. Mark Harrison. Mark smiles his wide easy smile and passes out scholarship information packets and student information sheets. Each information sheet has several careers listed on it, a place for contact information, and a place for questions.  His subject today is “Scholarship Finding Techniques.”  Soon he has the room captivated. His easy manner relates well with the teenagers, and they begin to soak in the information that he has to offer.

Broadview University

Mark Harrison, presenting to high school students

Mark Harrison is the College Presenter for Broadview University-Orem. He has a bachelor’s and master’s  in communications and rhetoric from BYU. As a presenter, the skills acquired from his major come in handy. He has a variety of presentations depending of the students’ needs, including:

Before he can give a presentation, however, he spends a lot of time researching and communicating with high school teachers across Utah. In a week, Mark averages about eight presentations, traveling from north to south Utah. His presentations are “. . . not only engaging and interactive, they are informational as well as motivational.” Both teachers and students agree.

To help the high school seniors and juniors be better prepared to begin and graduate from college, Mark focuses on helping students see how an education can be valuable in establishing a healthy lifestyle, allowing them to work in a field they enjoy, and preparing them to be a positive influence in society. He loves interacting with the students, and encourages feedback. By the end of the presentation, many students have questions, some that they didn’t even know they had. Questions are answered and, more than that, students are given hope and the tools so that they can afford college. Students fill out the information sheets, excited to know more about scholarship options and more about Broadview University. Some of the common phrases from students are:

There are many things happening behind the scenes at Broadview University to help students succeed in their programs and dreams. After an enjoyable day at the high school, Mark returns to Broadview University where the information sheets are given to trained representatives who can assist the students on their path to a successful college education.

Success in college begins even before the enrollment process, and this is something Mark knows well. On the Orem campus, Mark is not a well-known face since he spends so little time at his desk, but off campus he is helping to prepare future students for college success.

By Amanda Black

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