Does Honor Roll Matter? Top Students Announced at Broadview University

Published on April 11, 2013 by arothstein

Broadview University-Orem has announced Honor Roll and High Honor Roll students for Winter Quarter 2013. Honor roll not only recognizes students with high academic achievement but is one factor many employers will look at during the job interviewing process.

Why should students strive for these honors?

First, it goes on their transcript. After graduation, we hope that all graduates will be working in their program, using all the skills that they learned during their time at Broadview. Many employers require transcripts to be on file. This allows them to see where their employees are qualified. It also lets them see the work ethic that was developed while their employees were in school. Employers want employees who know how to work hard and stay on task. A GPA can give them an idea of what to expect from the students they hire.

Second, it is recognition of the accumulated work required in earning their degree. At graduation, yellow cords are placed on the shoulders of students with highest honors, and white cords are placed on the students with honors. This is a great moment when hard work is recognized.

At Broadview University, we compile a quarterly honors and highest honors list based upon the GPA attained during that quarter.

honor roll, Broadview University

High honor graduate, Rebekah Welker, receives her diploma

  • Highest honors are given to students with a 4.0 GPA
  • Honors are given to students with a 3.5 to 3.99 GPA

Current students and graduates who are on the 2013 Winter Quarter highest honors list are:

  • Matthew Andrus
  • Heather Baxter
  • Brooklyne Bell
  • Dane Belliston
  • Amanda Black
  • Kaydee Bowen
  • Lisa Brennan
  • Lauren Broadbent
  • Nicholette Campbell
  • Cassondra Cleek
  • Phillip Crawford
  • Teton Crawford
  • Douglas Crew
  • Bryce Crosby
  • Jennifer Ehlers
  • Ana Frutos
  • Brandy Herbin
  • Sydney Howlett
  • Mindy Ige
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Crystal Levanthal
  • Alene Litteral
  • Mackenzie Millet
  • Kelsey Neil
  • Karen Newmeyer
  • Ashley Ohran
  • Yvonne Peterson
  • Victoria Romero
  • Janis Tate
  • Jared Terry
  • Chelsea Thomas
  • Jessica Williams
  • Ulani Woodard
honor roll, Broadview University

Honor roll student, Jennifer Ehlers, receives her diploma

Current students and graduates who are on the 2013 Winter Quarter honors list are:

  • Debra Anderson
  • Brent Barney
  • Holly Beardall
  • Brad Bishop
  • Amber Eberline
  • Elita Flores
  • Adam Carter
  • Jennifer Ehlers
  • Elita Flores
  • Bridget Gaddis
  • Ariel Hansen
  • Tiffany Hopkins
  • ReAhna Littlefield
  • Leilani Matagi
  • Aimee Peterson
  • Gina Reeder
  • Brett Simpson
  • Karen Torres
  • Terri Vasquez
  • Helen Whittaker
  • Teena Wright

Keep up the great work! Students who are concerned about their GPA or course work during the new quarter can talk with instructors and with student services to learn more about tutoring options and open labs.

By Amanda Black

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