So Long Mango, Welcome Vinny

Published on April 15, 2013 by arothstein

veterinary technology

Mango the Iguana

On March 25, longtime Broadview University-West Jordan mascot, Mango the Iguana, moved out with her new owner, Jessie Wells.  Mango was donated to the university in 2009 because her previous owner could not meet her needs. Mango quickly became a program attraction for students looking into the veterinary technology profession. But Mango needed to move on, and Jessie, who is a graduate of Broadview University, opened her arms and welcomed Mango into her family of three other iguanas.

But why did Mango need to leave? In 2012, Mango’s cage was upgraded to a beautiful wall exhibit.  Over time though, Mango’s temperature and humidity needs were not consistently being met, so it was decided to retire Mango from her mascot post and let her move on to being a lazy lizard.

Green iguanas like Mango require temperatures in the 80-100 degree range with humidity at 70 percent or higher.  Green iguanas are strictly vegetarian.  Broadview also houses two other reptiles. Our bearded dragon, Alfred Danger Dragon, is an omnivore eating cockroaches and veggies. Shelly, our Russian tortoise, is a vegetarian like Mango.

Life is a cycle, though, and with departure came the arrival of Vinny, a Goffins cockatoo.  Vinny is taking nicely to Mango’s old digs and the veterinary technology students are thrilled.  Vinny will be used as part of the Lab and Exotic Animals class for students to learn restraint, nail trims, and learn to take avian radiographs.

veterinary technology

Vinny, a Goffins cockatoo, takes up residence at Broadview University-West Jordan

Goffins cockatoos are the smallest of the cockatoo family and can live up to 30 years with proper care.  This species of cockatoo is native to the Tenimber Islands of Indonesia and is considered endangered in its native habitat.  Because they breed so well in captivity, the pet trade may be the salvation of this specie.  Goffins cockatoos are very friendly and affectionate birds and make great companion birds if you have the time to care for them.

Welcome, Vinny!

Contributed by Jill Bruneau, Executive Veterinary Technology Program Chair, Broadview University-West Jordan

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