To Ghana with Love – How One Student Crosses Cultures

Published on April 17, 2013 by arothstein

Culture can cover many aspects of a person’s life. Culture can mean different foods. It can mean different clothing styles. It can mean different opportunities. For many, when they travel to different countries they may experience what is known as “culture shock.” Sights, sounds, languages, ideals—these can all be very different from an individual’s home country. But no matter where we are in the world, we have the ability to make a difference.

massage therapy training

Massage student Cedric Quartey

Cedric Quartey, a student going through massage therapy training at Broadview University-Orem, has a part in two very different cultures and is working hard to make a difference. His family is from Ghana and he has many family members still living there. Cedric has seen some of the educational advantages available in the United States. Textbooks, sports equipment, and other school supplies are so much easier to come by in the U.S. than in many places around the world.

As a student in the Global Citizenship class at Broadview, Cedric decided to add onto a family project that has been in the works for some time. His family has been collecting numerous textbooks to send back to their home country. An uncle, who works with the Brigham Young University track team, has also collected several gently used articles of sports equipment to be donated.

Cedric’s goal for this service-learning project was to collect more supplies to combine and add to his family’s efforts and to raise the funds necessary to cover shipping costs. Cedric found as he was gathering supplies that the hardest obstacles in getting them sent to Ghana would be getting transportation for all of the boxes to be taken to scales where they could be weighed, and affording the shipping costs.

In April 2013, the first shipment of books and supplies was transported to Ghana with Cedric’s uncle. Only a small part of what was collected could be transported at that time, but it was a start. Cedric is currently accepting donations of textbooks, school supplies, and funds for shipping. He is also looking for volunteers who have time and a truck to transport the boxes to the shipping company to be weighed, and to load and unload the boxes. If you are interested in donating time or money, please contact Cedric at

Meanwhile, Cedric is continuing to provide service in his own community by promoting the Multiple Sclerosis Walk in Salt Lake City, which takes place on April 27, 2013. His sister was recently diagnosed with the disease, and he feels strongly that participating in the walk is a way to raise public awareness and also raise funds to support the National MS Society.

This remarkable young man is helping to change the world by making a difference one book and one step at a time.

By Amanda Black

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