Database Design: Where to Start?

Published on April 22, 2013 by arothstein

Ever had to put a project together? Getting a project started can be difficult, especially when dealing with a new concept. But, following the right steps can increase efficiency in the planning stages. Information technology degree students at Broadview University learn the importance of each step as they get ready to design a database.

information technology degree, database designThis quarter—Spring 2013—we started a new cohort of students in the database design series of courses which teaches students to use Microsoft Access. The first course, Database Design, includes a service-learning component in which students collaborate in small groups and must find and choose a nonprofit entity or small business that needs a new or redesigned database.

Students were presented with three possible projects from which to choose. They then interviewed a stakeholder from each project to get ideas on what was required in the database. The requirements and possibilities for each were then written on a large whiteboard to compare the pros and cons of each project. After much deliberation, a new database was chosen based on the need of the students, the challenge of the design, and the practical experience closely related to an actual commercial product.

The winner of the three project possibilities was an appointment/schedule/client database for the students in Broadview University’s massage therapy program. Kelley Sloan, massage therapy program chair, said, “Getting the phone call list under control would be like Christmas. Adding the SOAP notes would be like Christmas for a decade. I would be thrilled.”

The information technology students will be working hard to get all asked-for features programmed to give Kelley Christmas for a decade.

Mark Joesten, a student in the Database Design class, said, “The more information we get the more can give.”

This project is giving the IT department hands-on experience but it will also give massage students the computer skills necessary to prepare them for the career field. It is a win/win for all departments.

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