Here’s One Way to ‘Blaze’ a Path to a Massage Therapy Career

Published on April 30, 2013 by arothstein

Anyone who is active with sports like running, hiking, canoeing, etc., can be prone to injury. Summer is quickly approaching, and understanding the importance of massage during those outdoor activities will help with prevention and healing. Massage therapy program students at Broadview University are applying their skills and learning how to treat athletes by working with the Utah Blaze.

massage therapy program

Broadview University-Layton massage therapy students with members of the Utah Blaze.

Weekly, Broadview University-Layton massage therapist students provide injury and maintenance massage to these highly skilled professional athletes. Each athlete understands human performance and has a clear understanding of their body’s ability to meet the demands of their career. Open discussions ensure each clinical session among students, athletes, instructors, and the team trainer identifies individual needs, making sure techniques are delivered safely and successfully while promoting health, preventing injury, and supporting performance goals.

Sports massage applications help athletes address regional and systemic soft tissue needs with noninvasive therapeutic touch. Historically, athletes who include sports massage in their training program recover faster from fatigue and injury. Additional benefits include a reported decrease in muscle stiffness, joint pain and edema.

Palpation, visual assessments, client interviews and functional evaluations are activities no sports therapist should eliminate. From game time observations to more intimate practitioner-athlete appraisals, our student massage therapists actively assess movement, gait, soft tissue integrity, and inflammation.

Broadview University massage student practitioners are very fortunate to have the opportunity to refine and hone their sports massage skills with a professional sports team engaged in providing students a rich educational experience that exceeds expectations.

Clinical experiences provide lifelong opportunities for massage students’ skill development and refinement. Textbook theory and instructions come to life as student practitioners submerge themselves in the application and execution of their duties provided within their field’s scope of practice. Rich clinical environments provide challenges and rewards for practitioners and participants alike. The clinical opportunity provided by the Utah Blaze arena football team to the Broadview University massage therapy program, is one such clinical experience.

Gratitude and thanksgiving to the Utah Blaze organization—you make learning rock!

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