Celebrating Earth Day: ‘There is No Planet B’

Published on May 9, 2013 by arothstein

Planet Earth is important for us all and as Melisa Lovato, a Student Ambassador from the massage therapy program, would say, “There is no Planet B.”

On April 22nd at the Broadview University-Layton campus, the Student Ambassadors, led by Melisa Lovato, organized various activities for Earth Day.

Earth Day, Broadview UniversityNo matter where you looked there was material trying to raise awareness for Earth Day. As you stepped into the lounge you were greeted by tables with an assortment of fruits and vegetables, one of which was centered by a tree made mostly from “upcycling” old bottles and paper.

On the other side you would find Melisa sitting at the table where you could turn eggshells into a planter which you could plant directly into the soil once the flowers inside germinated. When you looked into another corner of the room, you would see several colorful sheets of paper, each with its own Earth Day pledge where students could take a picture with their choice of one or many to do their part for the planet.

Throughout the event, as students came in or went on break from their class, they would make their way around the lounge asking various questions about each station. Several students and some faculty sat for their picture with a pledge of choice. Even the Student Ambassadors who were holding the event took a moment to each make at least one pledge.

Students took some time to enjoy more natural foods than those littering the vending machines.  Many would idle around one food or another and explain how they do enjoy having healthier foods. As the early portion of the event died down the students were left with the buffet of fruits and vegetables to enjoy at their leisure.

Earth Day, Broadview UniversityEarth Day ended with Student Ambassador RaeAnn Johnson from the business program going from class to class passing out magnets to help students remember that their planet is important and we should all do our part to keep it healthy for generations to come.

By Sean Mendoza, Student Ambassador, Broadview University-Layton

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