Discoveries Abound: What the Brain Can Teach Medical Assistants

Published on May 13, 2013 by arothstein

White and gray matter, meninges, the cerebellum—Broadview University-Layton students got a firsthand look at these and other areas of the brain recently.  The students, who are taking the Human Anatomy and Physiology II class as part of the medical assistant degree program, dissected a sheep’s brain as a hands-on learning project.

medical assistant degree

Medical assistant students dissect a sheep’s brain to learn more about the central nervous system.

But instead of receiving a step-by-step instruction on how to dissect, the students used their textbooks, the Internet, and an atlas to dissect and identify the different items they examined.  Fear of making a wrong incision in the brain quickly left the students as their curiosity and discovery took control.  They quickly learned that one misguided cut could lead to discovering numerous interesting aspects of the sheep’s brain.

The dissection of the sheep’s brain gave the class the opportunity to get their hands dirty with the central nervous system.  The students’ understanding of the complex system grew as they better understood topics that before were vague or foggy, and they gained greater appreciation for the central nervous system as a whole.

Next, the medical assistant students will explore the cardiovascular system. They will dissect a sheep’s heart, look at their blood underneath the microscope, figure out how detectives utilize blood splatters, and complete various other activities.

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