Banners, Bike Racks, and Broadview: Community Service Day Gets Physical

Published on May 15, 2013 by arothstein

This Friday, May 17, Broadview University–Orem will be participating in the University’s annual Community Service Day, where staff, faculty members, and students all come together for a day of service to the community (as the name implies). Serving in the same capacity as last year, participants will help set up bicycle racks, registration and first aid tents, entrance and exit signs, banners, flags, and everything else required for the Women of Steel Triathlon at the American Fork Fitness Center.

Community Service Day, Broadview University

Community Service Day 2012

A few of Broadview’s staff and faculty weighed in on their favorite memories from previous years.

Rachel Chapman, associate director of admissions, thought it was funny how there were a few “OCD people” last year who kept going back and straightening the bicycle racks to all align with each other. Sometimes it takes group activities like these to reveal people’s personality quirks.

Dave Powell, dean of education, enjoyed the group picture that was taken last year (pictured right).

Tim Sutton, medical assisting instructor, loves Community Service Day because he gets to work with members of other departments—like admissions and financial aid—that he doesn’t get to see or work with on a daily basis.

But not everything is bright and sunny for Ryan Farley, campus director, who is frustrated that for several years now, this event has been dampened with rain. He thinks that if we ever need rain in the Valley, all we have to do is schedule a Community Service Day. (Sure enough, the weather forecast for this Friday is likely to follow the same gloomy-skies tradition.)

Even though the service activity this year is the same as last year’s, there are plenty of new faces and new memories to be made on the fields of the American Fork Fitness Center this Friday. To learn more, visit the event page on Facebook.

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