Flexing Muscles for South Salt Lake City

Published on May 22, 2013 by arothstein

Community Service Day, Broadview University-West Jordan Saying that you care doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you need to back your words with actions and get a little dirty. Working in the dirt to better the community is exactly what Broadview University-West Jordan’s staff did during their annual Community Service Day.

For one day in May, Broadview’s staff shuts down the campus and donates their time to help the local area. The campus teamed up with staff members from BEAU this year to help South Salt Lake City. As part of the city’s Community Connection program, staff: removed debris near houses, landscaped yards, re-bricked and mulched around sidewalks and trees, and helped to revitalize homes. The city’s program and Broadview’s efforts aim to transform neighborhoods while creating a safe and clean city.

Community Service Day, Broadview University-West Jordan

Michael Aldred embracing his landscaping work.

“[We] helped the city of South Salt Lake clean up an elderly neighborhood with some heavy lifting and even heavier clean up,” said Academic Coordinator Michael Aldred. “There is something about good old fashioned manual labor, in the name of community service, that makes you feel good.”

The day consists of volunteer projects across Broadview’s network of schools that aims to enhance the community. It is a day that is good for the local neighborhoods but one that benefits the staff as well.

“It was very enjoyable; I think that everyone had a lot of fun and it was a pretty decent workout,” remarked Broadview staff member Elizabeth Stocks.

Aldred added, “I am always amazed how in helping others, you learn more about yourself and the people you work with. It was both comforting and exciting to see how many of us were willing and eager to work so hard for nothing more than giving back to the community. I am really proud to be a part of a university that really does care.”Community Service Day, Globe University-West Jordan

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