Paralegal Internships: One Attorney Creates Professional Experience for Students

Published on May 22, 2013 by arothstein

In most industries, it is considered a rite of passage to have an internship while attending college. Doing so helps students gain hands-on experience from those within their chosen profession and learn the day-to-day tasks of what is expected within the industry upon graduation. It can sometimes be difficult to locate internships for students, but one member in our community has praised the students of the paralegal studies program at Broadview University-Layton.  In doing so, he has provided wonderful suggestions and valuable hands-on practice to some of our soon-to-be graduates.

paralegal studies programAttorney Michael Reason, partner of Reason Law Offices in South Ogden, Utah, has been extremely generous with his time in supplying internships to several of our paralegal students. He has also served as a member of our Program Advisory Committee. Through this involvement in our university, Mr. Reason has provided valuable feedback and suggestions on how to continue to improve our paralegal studies program and how to make our students more marketable than their competition in a growing economy.

Mr. Reason notes that as members of the profession, it’s the duty of those already established to show the way to those just coming into the industry. The knowledge and understanding of the legal profession is best understood with hands-on practice.  By providing internships to students, the profession as a whole and members within are ensuring that those individuals who are stepping into their new role after graduation are going to be equal to the task.

Mr. Reason has noted that Broadview University is doing a fine job in preparing our students for the legal field upon their graduation. His willingness and passion in helping the future generation of legal professionals is a great asset that we are proud to foster and support.

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