Make Math Hurt Less – Get a Tutor

Published on June 11, 2013 by arothstein

Nicole Joyner is in her first quarter as a medical assisting degree student at Broadview University-West Jordan. Like many students, Nicole enrolled with excitement and anxiety, especially regarding her math skills. In time, as Nicole worked through her homework each week, she became frustrated by her online class.

medical assisting, math“Life events became so heavy on my head I think I let that unnecessarily give me a bad opinion,” she said. “I realized that I needed tutoring way before I got it.”

Nicole said that it was a routine check-in with the Education Department that connected her with the tutors she needed.

“It’s because you guys were paying attention to how I was doing,” she said. “You warned me that it would be difficult at times, but you also said you’d give me every opportunity to succeed. I was too busy to reach out, lost track of time.”

Nicole said that now that she has been using our tutoring services, she has seen a dramatic increase in her scores and comprehension.

“I have two styles now, two approaches,” she said. “You guys realize that not every student is in the same boat.”

Nicole said that she is excited by her math class now because it is giving her skills she knows she will need in her career.

“This is not just a job for me,” she said. “If I don’t learn how to do my math and be comfortable with it, know it, learn it—if these things aren’t in my muscle memory, I could hurt someone. I’m going into this field to help people. This is important.”

Written by Amanda Babcock, Dean of Education, Broadview University-West Jordan

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