Student of the Quarter Leaves a Legacy of Pawprints to Follow

Published on June 28, 2013 by arothstein

Graduation is a time of celebration, and rightly so. For many, college graduation is or was a long lost dream.  The ability to accomplish something so grand should be celebrated and enjoyed by all. So, every quarter we celebrate a new graduating class with a graduate of the quarter. Same old thing every quarter, right? Not for our Broadview University-Layton students, and especially not for Laci Eck, veterinary technology student.

veterinary technology programThis graduation was more eventful for Laci than she could have ever imagined. It started a couple weeks prior when she was asked to be the student speaker. After mulling over the prospect for a day, she decided she couldn’t resist, no matter how hard it would be. So on the day of graduation, suffering all kinds of nerves, she waited to give her speech. Just before the speech, however, the announcement came that she was also the graduate of the quarter. Surprise!

veterinary technology programLaci was chosen for her outstanding performance as a full-time student in school along with all the extracurricular activities she participated in, including  SCNAVTA, the student veterinary technician organization, volunteering for Stone Ridge Veterinary Clinic with horse chiropractics, and working two jobs. She is known for her vivacious attitude and willingness to help others.

For many students, graduation comes with trepidation and concern. Where will I find a job?  How will I repay my loans?  Do I have all of the “right” skills? Laci has a plan. She will continue her studies at Weber State University to become a veterinarian. She is currently talking to the military about the services she could provide with her schooling and receiving the financial help she needs.

For the rest of our graduates, Career Services can help secure a job. They offer lifetime assistance with resume help, interviewing skills and job opening listings.

Your program chair is another source of help; they will be able to support you in your search to find a job that fits your skill set.

A door has closed.  As you begin your next great adventure, what new door will you open?veterinary technology program

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