5 Tips to Overcoming Back-to-School Anxiety

Published on July 18, 2013 by arothstein

School is in session at Broadview University-Layton. After a great four-week break, it is time to hit the books. Many students are returning from last quarter, but a handful are returning to school after a multi-year hiatus. This is a scary time for them as they try to balance life, work and school. The worry about finances, time for homework and family demands induces stress and anxiety. New Student Orientation helps new students calm their anxiety by learning the ropes, meeting staff and faculty, and hearing how current students overcame their fears.

Broadview UniversityThe orientation offers an array of information, including an introduction to staff and faculty, the library, instruction for online access, the Academic Resource Center, and program specific information. Students also had a chance to order books and test out of courses. And of course, there is always food involved to eat, socialize and create a sense of belonging.

A survey showed new students found the information valuable and eased their anxieties, and here are some additional tips to get through the first quarter of college:

  1. Write down a list of all assignments and when they are due, including reading assignments. This will allow quick reference to what assignments are coming up and which ones need to be planned out over time.Broadview University
  2. Ask for help. Instructors want to help you understand the material. If you do not understand something, just ask. If you need additional help visit the Academic Resource Center or fill out a tutor request form. Tutoring is free.
  3. Talk to fellow classmates and form study groups. Making friends in class will help improve the student experience.
  4. Participate in class to retain information. Less than 20 percent of what is heard in class will be remembered. Learning requires active participation. Take notes, answer questions in class, and share your thoughts and ideas. After class rewrite your notes or add information to your notes.
  5. Be proactive. If there is a concern or problem, talk to a staff member. Let them know if you need to miss class, cancel an appointment, or need to make changes. They are there to help.Broadview University


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