Do You Have an Exercise GOAL?

Published on September 6, 2013 by arothstein

Under the canopy and protection of substantial cottonwood trees along the Weber River, students arrived early to prepare for the diverse group of women runners. Although damp and soggy from the rain, Broadview University-Layton massage therapy program students eagerly gave massages before and after the Skirt in the Dirt race. Students cheered on the runners, celebrated their successful finishes, and shared the benefits of massage as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Broadview University, Get Out and LiveWe all know it, but do we do it? Exercise has proven benefits that keep us happy and healthy. Get Out And Live (GOAL), a nonprofit organization, has a mission to get people participating, volunteering and spectating at outdoor recreational events. They host several events including the Ogden Marathon, World Cup Archery, Hurt in the Dirt, Xterra, Ragnar Trail Relay, and so many others. They also have a youth camp during which they train youth to run races and eat healthy.

Broadview University-Layton has worked with GOAL for more than four years providing massage to athletes. This year the medical assisting students joined GOAL to provide first aid as well.

Kelley Sloan, massage therapy program chair, speaks highly of GOAL and their mission. “The GOAL Foundation mirrors our company’s philosophy of ‘We Care’ by organizing healthy activities and community based programs to the residents of our region. Being able to weave the benefits of massage therapy and our ‘We Care’ community philosophy with theirs is always a rewarding experience.”

Thanks to GOAL, our community is working together to experience the benefits of exercise and the great outdoors. So what are these benefits of exercising?

  1. Improves learning
  2. Better sleep
  3. Adds spark to sex life
  4. Controls weight
  5. Improves mood
  6. Reduces stress
  7. Combats cardiovascular disease
  8. Boosts energy levels
  9. Reduces risk of diabetes
  10. And of course you live longer.

So follow GOAL and Get Out And Live today!

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