Massage After a Marathon Puts Runners on Road to Recovery

Published on October 23, 2013 by arothstein

Finishing a marathon isn’t easy. It takes months of mental and physical preparation. If the training isn’t a feat in itself, the actual event is a 26-mile expedition that pushes runners to their brink. You can imagine, then, how good a relaxing massage would feel after crossing the finish line. That’s exactly what students in Broadview University’s massage therapy program offered at the annual South Jordan Marathon.

This particular event allows runners to accomplish their goals along with providing them the opportunity to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon. More than 1,000 runners turned out this year to participate in a 5K, bike tour, half marathon and full marathon.

massage therapy programWhile the race is what the athletes turned out for, it was Broadview University-West Jordan’s massage program that was the biggest hit after the runners crossed the finish line. The line to receive a massage wrapped all the way around the massage tent as the runners knew it was the best place for a post-race rehab. Students from Broadview’s  were on hand to help runners recover from the race.

It was a unique setting for the massage students because the race provided a different environment to practice their craft.

“Working on athletes is quite different than other clients, especially athletes that have just participated in their sport,” said Massage Therapy Instructor Megan Allen. “These clients have specific needs such as help with muscle cramping and spasms. There are specific techniques used in sports massage to address these needs that help the muscles recover quicker and with less soreness experienced by the athlete.”

Along with exposing the students to a distinctive experience, it was also the first time many runners received a professional massage. Being involved in these types of events helps Broadview’s students spread their knowledge and raise appreciation for the massage therapy career field.

“Our students gained valuable real life experience working directly on the athletes,” Allen said. “[They] were able to take the instruction that they are receiving in the classroom and directly apply it to a real life experience. You simply can’t replace that kind of application.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Broadview University prepares students to become skilled massage therapists, call 1-877-480-3335.


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