How One Student Financed College With Scholarships

Published on October 31, 2013 by arothstein

If you had a chance to earn free money to pay for college, wouldn’t you jump at it? After all, education comes with a price tag, and being riddled with student debt after graduation is less than appealing. Don’t despair though; scholarships offer an excellent, debt- and interest-free way to pay for college. Just ask Dusten Barnhart, a student at Broadview University-Layton.

Broadview University, scholarshipsDusten financed most of his schooling through scholarships. His largest scholarship was $2,200, which Broadview University then matched up to $1,000. By searching for opportunities through his high school and other outside sources, Dusten was able to find the finances he needed. Now he is attending class without the stress of paying for school.

Surprisingly, very few college students use scholarships, which offer free money to pay for school. There are thousands of scholarships available for students to apply for, but a good portion of scholarships go unclaimed every year.

The extra effort it takes to apply for scholarships can be rewarding. The application process may include an essay, a video, an interview, a presentation, submission of a portfolio, or other documentation. Students should have fun with these assignments and remember that the extra money will be worth the effort.

Shae Erhart, director of admissions at Broadview-Layton, said, “Dusten has been a great student to work with and it’s obvious he wants to be here. He is always at appointments on time and is prepared. That is how he landed scholarships!”

Although there are thousands of scholarships available, sometimes it is hard to know where to look. Many employers offer free money for school. There are websites and books dedicated to helping students find scholarships. Many foundations and non-profits also offer scholarships. Broadview offers quarterly scholarship workshops as well. All it takes is a little research and time, and you could be on your way to financing your education debt-free.

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