From the Voices of Veterans: What It Means to Serve Your Country

Published on November 15, 2013 by arothstein

“If I were to give you a quote, I would share the simple words of General MacArthur as a reason for why I serve: God, duty, and country.”

Brent Clark, full-time instructor at Broadview University-Orem, shared these wise words as someone who has been serving in the active-duty Army and Army Reserve for the past 16 years. “Not once do you read anything about personal gain or glory, because no one would endure, suffer through the pain, or risk the possibility of lifelong health or mental impairment if they were looking for glory.”

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Brent Clark with his children on the day he returned home from Iraq in 2010.

In light of Veterans Day, Broadview University-Orem shined a well-deserved spotlight on students and staff members who have served in the military. As Brent Clark said, people join the military to serve others, not for their own personal gain. They willingly sacrifice their time—and sometimes their lives—in order to contribute to a much higher cause.

Tiffany Hopkins, business management student, shares Clark’s sentiments about joining the military for the greater good: “I joined because I felt like I needed to be a part of something bigger, and I wanted to do something meaningful.” Hopkins has served in the United States Navy as an avionics technician for five years.

One of the most important lessons Hopkins learned was to trust the people she worked with, knowing that they would all protect and watch over each other. This strong sense of unity seems to resonate with many veterans. Clark admits he would not have been able to serve for the past 16 years if not for the love and support of his family.

“I think everyone should serve in the military,” said Ryan Patten, information technology student, who has been serving for two years in the Army National Guard. “It gives you a better appreciation for your country and your family and friends.”

So take the time this week to thank a veteran for their service in protecting our country, our families, and our freedom.

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