The New Leader on Campus: Michael Reeder Embraces “We Care” Mission

Published on December 10, 2013 by arothstein

Have you seen him walking the halls? Have you met him yet? Our new campus director, Michael Reeder, is making waves with Broadview University’s mission “We Care.” He cares what is happening on campus. One of the first events Michael hosted was a student focus group. Students selected were delighted to receive an invitation to share their thoughts and ideas about their educational experience. They shared both the things they enjoyed and things they thought could be improved upon. This quarterly event shows the dedication Michael has to listening to the students.

broadview university

Michael Reeder, Broadview University-Layton’s new campus director

So who is this new leader and what does he have to offer Broadview students? Michael took the time to share more about himself.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Utah. In fact, my wife and I bought the home I was raised in; so we haven’t gone very far at all. I have an amazing wife and three wonderful children. I have lots of hobbies but not much time for them. I enjoy fishing, ATVs, camping, hunting, sports, movies, paintballing, RC cars and home improvement projects. I also have a great passion for education and learning. Like many of our students, I did not complete my education until later in life. I understand the struggles of homework with children, full-time jobs and other commitments.

What helped you decide to come to Broadview University?

I love the feeling of family at Broadview University. It has been very clear to me from the beginning that the “We Care” vision is truly practiced.

What experience do you have with working with students?

I’ve worked in several different capacities at career colleges. Through positions I have held or managed, I’ve worked with students in financial aid, student services, student accounts, the bookstore, the library, and the education department. My father was a high school educator and always expressed his joy and passion about teaching. Similar to my father, my favorite position has been teaching in the classroom.

Have you ever lived outside Utah? 

I lived in Wyoming for several years after high school. I worked at Jackson Lake Lodge which is in Grand Teton National Park. I also worked in Jackson Hole for one very cold and snowy winter.

Where is your dream vacation?

My wife and I have been planning a trip to Europe. Although we haven’t made it yet, we plan to go in the next few years. We would love to see all of the sites in England and France. I especially love historical locations.

What is your vision for this campus?

My primary vision for the campus is to keep doing what we’re doing, but do it a little better. I once had a mentor who said that “feedback is the breakfast of champions.”  That saying has always stuck with me, and I believe that feedback is critical to improving the campus.


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