Open House for Potential Students: Mixing Education and Fun

Published on December 18, 2013 by arothstein

Deciding on a school can be a challenge when each school offers something just a little different. At Broadview University–Layton, we wanted to show prospective students what we have to offer. Each program set out demonstrations of what makes them special and interesting.

The medical assistant program display had an arm with an IV attached. At first, this might have appeared to be a scene from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, but it was actually a great hands-on experience for those interested in a little blood.

The massage therapy program participants brought a chair that looked more like a contraption to fear than one to relax—that is, until you sit in it and experience hands kneading your back. Fear quickly turns to relaxation and bliss.

Of course, the always popular veterinary technology program shined with their stuffed animal demo pet, mini skeletal statue and other visual aids.

broadview university-layton

Current and potential students gather at open house

In addition, to help potential students understand the appreciation we have for our students while simultaneously educating them, we tied in Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week by serving mocktails. These non-alcoholic mix drinks mimic alcoholic drinks without compromising the student’s ability to study, think, and drive. As drinks were served, conversations about having fun without alcohol were discussed.

We may push our students to strive for excellence, but we have fun doing it! Education is important…and so is relaxing.

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