Like a Rabbit Out of a Hat: Poof, There She Is!

Published on December 20, 2013 by arothstein

(MERIDIAN) If you were to spend just an hour at the Broadview University-Boise campus, there’s a better than good chance you would see this student’s face at least once or twice. Some days, it may be three times. Just like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, Chelsea Anderson seems to magically appear just about everywhere. The massage therapy program student’s drive to be an omnipresent campus ambassador has earned her the honor of being named Student of the Quarter for the summer term.

“I have always been involved in school; middle school, high school and now college,” Anderson said. “I care about students and how they are doing, and the school as a whole.”

massage therapy program

Chelsea Anderson, a massage therapy program student, was selected as Student of the Quarter for her all-around stellar campus involvement.

Anderson is one of the driving forces behind the campus’s new Student Ambassador Council (SAC). The student group was established about six months ago after a few students were asked to attend new student orientation. Anderson was among a small group that told incoming students about the benefits of BVU’s Boot Camp mini-courses. The courses are designed to help teach students about things they don’t necessarily learn in class. Examples include how to study for a test, manage a budget, search for a survival job, and, more recently, how to get the most out of iPads in the classroom. Anderson attended every course.

“It’s nice to hear things from a student’s perspective,” she said. “That’s what really sold me when I first came here. I got to talk to a massage therapy student, who is now a graduate, about her experience here. She worked on me a little and talked to me while I was looking for a school. That is what did it for me.”

Anderson started attending Broadview University nearly two years ago as a high school advantage student. While she was a senior at Kuna High School, she also took some classes here on campus.

“I once took a math class in high school that went along with a class here, and it really helped me understand what was going on,” she said.

While Anderson got an early start in activities on campus, she certainly has not slowed down. Along with being an integral member of SAC, she is involved with massage therapy student study groups, the health sciences student group, and campus events such as Be The Match, the military appreciation luncheon, and student appreciation.

“I have a really hard time saying no,” she says with a smile. “It’s hard to balance everything—work, schools, friends and life. But I still manage to keep up with my grades, attendance and campus involvement.”

Anderson has two goals between now and when she graduates next September: “I would like to finalize where I want to go and work. I would also like to see more students get involved in what goes on at school. A more united atmosphere on campus would be nice and hopefully SAC can do that.”

For her “Student of the Quarter” perks, Anderson received a Broadview University sweat suit, the honorary parking spot (which is designated near the campus’s front door), free books for one quarter, and, of course, bragging rights.

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