Broadview University Participates in Penny Wars for Charity

Published on January 21, 2014 by arothstein

One penny, two pennies, three…the popular saying that a penny saved is a penny earned by Benjamin Franklin came true for the high school students at George Washington High School in Ogden, Utah. Broadview University-Layton competed in a pennies war to raise money for high school students whose families are struggling.

Every penny deposited in a tube earned a point. Every nickel, dime, and quarter deposited subtracted from the total points earned. As departments and programs deposited money, each penny made a difference and eventually added up to $300. This friendly competition brought students and faculty together as they enjoyed some fun while engaging in service for others.

broadview university layton

Delivering the money. Kelly Jerome and Erhart drop off the gift cards to George Washington High School

Six students were selected by the staff at the high school.They each received a $50 Target card to use for clothes, utilities, and food. The students were very appreciative of the gift.

Shae Erhart, director of admissions, said “Knowing that this money is going back to high school students who need an extra boost to finish school is extremely rewarding. We got to create campus fun while helping so many others.”

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